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D'Cent Ethereum Card Wallet


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Easy to use with “Tap to Verify” Transaction Card Wallet


Simply touch the card with an NFC-capable smartphone to manage crypto assets
from Wallet App.

Securely store and manage your cryptocurrency assets in a card type hardware wallet.

  1. Robust Security
    EAL5+ Certified secure IC chip

  2. NFC communication
    No special infrastructure required
    Built-in RF antenna for NFC communication
    Works with NFC capable Mobile devices

  3. Simple and Fast Experience
    Simply Tag and Verify using NFC
    Confirm balance in seconds
    Payment-like experience

  4. Multiple crypto standards
    ERC-20 Tokens
    ERC-721 Tokens


NFC Support
Card type wallet works in tandem to your mobile phone through NFC communication.
The card type wallet offers the simplest way of using hardware wallet by Tagging.

Security Chip
The card type wallet has a bank-grade certified security chip which offers highest security for protecting your private keys.

Factory PIN
This is the factory(default) PIN for the hardware wallet. Factory PIN is concealed by ribbon masking for protection and scratch it off to reveal.
To use the Card type Wallet, you must first update this factory PIN to your own password.

Wallet Address
You can manage coins, tokens, and NFTs with one address.
Ethereum card wallets can manage Ethereum, ERC20, and ERC721 tokens.

Address in QR Code
Wallet address can be scanned using the QR scanner. You can present the code to your sender and receive your coin without the D'CENT mobile app.

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