SafePal S1 + Steel Backup Plate Bundle

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1. SafePal S1

The 1st hardware wallet invested by Binance

  • Always secure and protected, wherever you go.
  • 100% offline & Air-gapped
  • Manage unlimited tokens, all in ONE device
  • You are good to go anywhere, anytime.


2. Steel Backup Plate

The most robust seed backup solution. 

Brickstreet Steel Plate is our first backup solution, combining robustness, versatility with ease of use and supplying all you need to back up your 24-word cryptocurrency seed with no third-party involvement.
The product set contains one double-sided stainless steel cold-storage wallet capable of holding 24 mnemonics total manufactured by using anti-corrosive, temperature resistant steel. 

The package includes an electronic carbide point engraver tool for deep engraving capabilities thus ensuring longevity.