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SecuX Nifty


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Love it, Own it, Show it. Your personalised NFT gallery.

The World’s First NFT hardware wallet.

Offline storage for your private key Clear-view signing of NFT transactions Multi-chain support of ETH, Polygon, BSC +more


True ownership on-device viewing and confirmation

Only truly owned digital assets by the private key stored within the device can be displayed on the 2.8 inch color touchscreen. Show off NFTs that you truly own on SecuX Nifty.

SecuX Nifty

Easy access to NFT marketplaces & DeFi for buying and trading

View your NFTs on Opensea, Etherscan, and even check the rankings on rarity trackers! With in-app support to popular marketplaces and DeFi applications, your can buy and trade NFTs safely and easily.


SecuX Nifty

Manage your cryptos & NFTs all in one place.

SecuX Nifty supports NFTs, coins and tokens on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Receive, send and manage all your digital assets in one place, one app.

SecuX Nifty


  • Military-grade Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element chip
  • Largest 2.8 inch color touchscreen
  • Supports multiple OS on computer and mobile
  • Bluetooth 5 and Micro-B USB connections
  • Compatible recoverability with BIP32, 39, 44 standards
  • 2-factor authentication during Bluetooth connection
  • Up to 500 accounts available
  • Long battery life


Get your SecuX hardware wallet today for secure, innovative design and a peace of mind.

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